Assessor Accreditation

IAF 1300 Assurance Assessment Scheme (AAS) describes the rules and processes required to be followed for Assessors to make application for being Accredited, to maintain their Accreditation, to perform Assessments  and how Accreditations may be terminated or revoked. Kantara IAF-1600 Assessor Qualifications and Requirements defines the qualifications and requirements that ARB uses to determine Assessors Accreditation.

If you are an assessor or auditing organization who wants to get accredited as a Kantara Assessor, please follow this checklist:

  1. Become a Kantara Member: Join Kantara.  
  2. Fill out the below for the Kantara Assessor application:

       Application –  Accredited Assessor Application and supporting evidence as requested in Kantara IAF- 1600 Assessor Qualifications and Requirements 

TMLA** – Trademark License Agreement

  1.  Submit the complete documentation to secretariat at

(**) Send these documents to your Contract Review Team as soon as possible.


For further information visit Assessor Application

List of Kantara Accredited Assessors Trust Status List